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What Are Autoresponders?

What is a autoresponder?

An autoresponder is a computer program that automatically answers requests for information via e-mail whenever a request form is submitted or an email is sent to it.

There are basically two versions of autoresponders.

  1. Server-side - a website owner installed it on their website.
  2. Outsourced - users pay for access to a autoresponder service.

Main advantage of outsourced services is they handle the technical stuff.

Who has a need for an AutoResponder?

Affiliate Marketer, Clubs & Organizations, Entertainer, Franchiser, Home Based Business, Life Coach, Network Marketer, Publisher, Religious Group & Church, Restaurants, Retailer, Service Business, Software Developer, Web Designer

When it comes to email the uses of an autoresponder are only limited by a persons imagination!

Why use an autoresponder?

Manually writing emails is labor intensive and very time consuming!

When using an autoresponder emails are written once and the system sends them out automatically saving valuable time.

Once emails are composed the autoresponder will automatically follow up sending pre-written emails at predefined intervals.

In the marketing and sales feilds this is especially important!

Customers seldom purchase until exposed to a product several times!

An autoresponder will automatically follow up with perspective customers closing sales automatically!

Why use TrafficWave.net autoresponder services?

  • Newbie Friendly & Easy To Use!
  • Powerful Features for Advanced Users!
  • Optional Affiliate Referral Program - Earn 4 Ways!
  • Flat Rate Pricing - No Long-Term Contract!

While other companies charge more as your lists grow, TrafficWave.net is always a low $17.95 per month.

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TrafficWave Features Include Unlimited!

  • Autoresponder Campaigns
    • Unlimited Autoresponder Campaigns
    • Easily Create Request Forms
    • Easy Website Intergration
  • Subscribers
    • Unlimited Subscribers per Campaign
    • Subscribe via Email or Signup Form
    • Collect Unlimited Amount of Data
    • Customizable Data Collection Options
  • Follow-up Letters per Campaign
    • Unlimited Follow-up Letters
    • Customizable Layout Options
    • Send in HTML or Text Format
    • Easily Schedule Follow up's
    • Easily Schedule Broadcasts
  • Campaign Chaining & Linking
    • Based On Campaign Completion
    • Based On Reader Actions/Clicks
    • Create Multiple Chaining Rules
  • Customizble Statistics Reporting
    • Total Subscribers
    • New Subscribers
    • Un-Subscribed
    • Emails Sent
    • Emails Opened
    • Email Click Throughs
    • Custom Data Searchable
    • AdTracking URL Click Throughs
  • Hosted Lead Capture Pages
    • Multiple Templates Available
  • Unlimited AdTracker Tracking URL's
  • Personal Email Reminder Service