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Jeff PetersonHello & Welcome!

My name is Jeff Peterson, Admin/Owner & Programmer of TrafficWave.Team that's http://trafficwave.team

I have been a customer and independent affiliate of TrafficWave.net since November 22nd, 2010.

Disclaimer: This site is not owned or operated by TrafficWave.net or directly connected in anyway, except for myself and members being independent affiliates.
  • TrafficWave.Team is NOT a 'downline' or 'team' build!
  • It doesn't matter who's downline or team you are in!
  • There are NO hit requirements of any kind!.

The only requirements are an active TrafficWave account & ethical behavior.

In 2010 I quickly started a 'team build' type site for my downline to use, and kept it running until 2017. It was built using a modified downline builder script created by someone else.

Periodically I would receive emails saying something like 'I already have a TrafficWave account, can I use that account to join your team?'.

I always regretted having to reply they could not. Mainly because the entire concept of a 'team build' was to build a specific downline or 'team' and not someone else. Plus the site was not designed to work that way.

For years I wanted to create a new site from scratch, something that was not designed around the team build concept! Something avaiable to any TrafficWave member that would help them both promote and make use of their TrafficWave accounts.

On 10-24-2017 almost the 7 year anniversary of opening my TrafficWave account I started creating the TrafficWave.Team site.

Below is a list of features so far. I will update it as things progress.

This Is A No B.S. Zone!

    Simple Business Facts
  • A business needs a steady flow of customers to survive
  • A business must constantly generate potental new customers
  • A new customer seldom purchases when first exposed to a product.
  • A customer may look at a product 5 times or more before purchasing
  • Following up with a potential customer increases sales conversions
  • Writing follow up emails is labor intensive & very time consuming

Using an Autoresponders will help automate your lead generation, follow-up and conversion process and much more.

Leaving you more time to focus on growing your business!


TrafficWave Team - Starting point get a 30 Day Free Trial Offer

TrafficWave Features Include Unlimited!

  • Autoresponder Campaigns
  • Subscribers per Campaign
  • Follow-up Letters per Campaign
  • AdTracker Tracking URL's
  • Personal Email Reminder Service

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TrafficWave.Team Site Features

  • Supports Multiple Languages by Google Translator
    • Main Site Pages
    • Members Area
    • Support System
  • Custom Favorites Pages
    • Members Gravatar Branding Image
    • Lead Capture Form - Optional
    • Custom Top Content Area
    • Add Banners With Content Area
  • Custom Squeeze Pages
    • Create Multiple Custom Branded Squeeze Pages
    • Full Featured WYSIWYG Editor For Adding Content
    • 6 page templates including transparent backgrounds.
    • Choice of Multiple Background Images or None
    • Personal Branding via Gravatar
      • No Branding Image
      • Image & First Name
      • Image & Full Name
    • Subscriber Landing Pages
      • Hosted Landing Pages
      • Custom URL Redirect Settings
    • Tracking
      • Total Subscriber Request's
      • Total Subscriber's Verified
      • Total Page Views
      • Referring Domain
      • Page Subscribed From
  • Referral System :
    • Active on all external pages, including news postings.
    • All TrafficWave links and banners use members TrafficWave url

Last updated: 02-28-2018